Early English Colonies Discussion Assignment

Early English Colonies Discussion Assignment
Early English Colonies Discussion Assignment
1. Which statement is the most accurate concerning the North American
(A) Most of the colonies were able to become profitable within the first
years of their creation.
(B) Most of the colonies started as proprietary but became royal colonies
by the mid- 18th century.
(C) Most of the original colonies began as royal colonies.
(D) Most of the colonies started as independent colonies but later received
(E) Most of the colonies started as proprietary colonies but became
independent by purchasing their charters.
2. The Middle Passage refers to which of the following?
(A) The passage of African people across the Atlantic to the Americas
(B) The passage of Irish Catholics to the United States
(C) The movement of African-Americans out of the southern United
States to northern cities
(D) The forced passage of Cherokee Indians west
(E) The sought waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
3. Which of the following statements does not describe slavery in the North
American colonies?
(A) Slaves in Georgia and South Carolina s coastal region primarily
worked on large plantations in dangerous and brutal conditions.
(B) In Virginia, slaves made up a minority of the population and had
varied jobs.
(C) In New England, slaves worked mainly in urban areas and ports.
(D) The slaves contributed to the growth of the Atlantic economy as
shipbuilders and dock workers in the middle colonies.
(E) Strict slave laws prevented slave revolts through the 1700s.
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Early English Colonies Discussion Assignment
4. The land explored by Sir Walter Raleigh was named Virginia in honor of
(A) Queen Elizabeth
(B) the Virgin Mary in Christian tradition
(C) the first female born by English settlers in North America
(D) Queen Mary
(E) the untouched appearance of the land upon Raleigh’s arrival
5. The purpose of the headright system was to
(A) open up more land for tobacco cultivation
(B) ensure the separation between slaves and indentured servants
(C) establish a basic system of laws within the Piedmont region of
(D) keep non-Protestants from taking part in colonial government
(E) encourage increased migration to the Virginia Colony
7. Which of the following changes was a direct result of Bacon’s Rebellion?
(A) Southern colonies began to farm tobacco as a staple export.
(B) A balance of power no longer existed between Native Americans and
colonists in New England.
(C) Southern labor shifted from African slaves and began to rely more on indentured servants.
(D) Southern labor moved away from indentured servants and began to rely more on African slaves.
(E) Virginia transformed from a proprietary colony into a royal colony.
8. John Rolfe s main contribution to the Jamestown settlement was
(A) guiding the first settlers through the Starving Time
(B) devising the headright system to increase the population (C) serving as Virginia s first colonial governor
(D) founding the first legislative body within the colonies
(E) introducing tobacco as the colony’s first staple crop
Early English Colonies <
“When London Merchants Urge Repeal” (January 17, 1766) referred
to “this Trade, consisting of British Manufactures exported, and of the Import of raw Materials from America, many of them used in
our Manufactures, and all of them tending to lessen our Dependence
on neighboring States,” what economic system was specifically being described?
(A) Stochastic
(B) Mercantilism
(C) Qualitative
(D) Keynesian
(E) Laissez-faire
Early English Colonies Discussion Assignment
In what way did the Jamestown Colony and the Massachusetts Bay Colony
differ greatly?
(A) Unlike Jamestown, Massachusetts Bay was established as a joint stock
(B) Jamestown became a royal colony, while Massachusetts remained a
proprietary colony.
(C) Unlike Jamestown, Massachusetts Bay maintained peaceful relations
with the Native Americans within the region.
(D) Massachusetts Bay did not suffer from the same hardships as
Jamestown during its first years.
(E) The practice of slavery was legal in Jamestown but not in
Massachusetts Bay.
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