Ebp response 2 | Nursing homework help

Respond to your colleagues’ posts by sharing your thoughts on  their specialty, supporting their choice or offering suggestions if  they have yet to choose. 
At least 2 references in each peer responses! 
Nursing today is continually changing and expanding.  Staying current on the latest best practices is essential.  Evidence-based practice is a philosophy of implementing the best practices and procedures that have been proven, through research and studies, to facilitate the most favorable outcomes.  In 2010 under the Obama administration and the Affordable Care Act, evidence-based practice (EBP) shifted health care from being based on a reimbursement system and quantity to a system based on evidence and quality (Laureate Education, 2018).  EBP is a long-term problem-solving approach to clinical practice.  These practices integrate evidence from research, clinical experience, theories, expert panels, patient values, and preferences (Melnyk

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