Econ Class But Math Question

3 question. I have 2 question answer. The only one problem is to use Matlab or other software to do the coding from scratch. I also have the TAs video answer step by step for this problem. But u must can use this software
Problem 3: Generate a covariate matrix X of dimension n × k, where n = 250 and k = 4. The fifirst column in X should be a column of ones and the other three columns can be generated from a relatively diffffuse normal or uniform distribution.
Let β = (0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25)0 and let σ2 = 1. Simulate y from the model y = Xβ ε, where ε ∼ N(0, σ2In). Estimate β by ordinary least squares and report βˆ OLS and the standard errors in a table. [Hint: the standard errors are computed by taking the
square root of the main diagonal of s2(X0X)1 , where s2 is computed as discussed in class.] Also submit your computer code (this should not take more than 20 lines).

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