Economic Botany and Agricultural Science

Economic Botany and Agricultural Science
Economic Botany and Agricultural Science
1. Quinine is a drug used in the treatment of
malaria. From which part of the plant is it
obtained? [CDS 2009, UKPSC 2007]
(a) Roots (b) Stem
(c) Bark (d) Leaves
2. The plant dye henna imparts
orange-red colour to skin and hairs due
to its reaction with which of the
following? [CDS 2009]
(a) Proteins and amino acid
(b) Lipids
(c) Carbohydrates
(d) Nucleic acids
Economic Botany and Agricultural Science
3. Cloves, used as a spice, are derived
from which of the following plant parts?
(a) Seeds [CDS 2008]
(b) Fruits
(c) Flower buds
(d) Young leaves
4. The leaves used as wrappers for bidis
are obtained from which one of the
following? [CDS 2007]
(a) Shikakai (b) Rudraksha
(c) Tendu (d) Lemon grass
5. Which of the following crop enrich the
soil with nitrogen? [IAS (Pre) 1994]
(a) Potato (b) Sorghum
(c) Sunflower (d) Pea/legumes
6. Saffron is obtained from which part of
plants? [IAS (Pre) 2009, 2006]
(a) Leaf
(b) Stem
(c) Anther and whole flower
(d) Stigma and style
7. The butter oil and milk powder was
given as a gift from which of the
following nation to India?
(a) African Union
(b) Germany
(c) European Union
(d) China
8. Tulsi plant has medicinal values due to
the presence of the following.
(a) Inorganic Acid [UPPSC (Pre) 2019]
(b) Organic Acid
(c) Phenols and Flavonoids
(d) None of the above
Economic Botany and Agricultural Science
11. Which among the following is the oldest
board under the department of
(a) The Rubber Board
(b) The Tea Board
(c) The Coffee Board
(d) The Tobacco Board
12. Soft drinks such as cocoa contain
significant quantities of [IAS (Pre) 2000]
(a) caffeine (b) nicotine
(c) tannin (d) renin
13. Which one of the following is commonly
used as a flavouring agent during the
preparation of noodles? [CDS 2010]
(a) Saffron (b) Cinnamon
(c) Olive oil (d) Ajinomoto
14. Golden fibre refers to [CDS 2009]
(a) hemp (b) cotton (c) jute (d) nylon
15. Which one of the following stage can
be assessed by using a following said
empirical equation?
A =
Economic production
Biomass production
(a) Panicle emergence rate
(b) Rate of flowering
(c) harvest Index
(d) Leaf production index
16. Which of the following plant is used for
‘bio-diesel’? [CGPSC (Pre) 2005]
(a) Sugarcane (b) White carrot
(c) Senna (d) Jatropha curcas
17. The natural dye present in turmeric is
known as [NDA 2009]
(a) cinnamin (b) phenol phthalein
(c) methyl orange (d) curcumin
18. Biologically synthesised nano particles
are used as a new eco-friendly
technology, which has big possibility in
cancer treatment. An extracts of plants
is used in this technique, this plant is
[UPPSC (Mains) 2004]
(a) Calotropis gigantea
(b) Parthenium hysterophorus
(c) Rice
(d) Lemon grass
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