Eel4102 Spring 2020 Matlab Assignment 4

For all the requested figures below, use a discrete time range of n = [0,50] on the x-axis.
Remember, all your answers must be on a single file and your script must be self-sufficient and run without any errors to receive any points. You should produce only one figure. Do not plot anything that you are not instructed to do so within this document.
Question 1. You are given a discrete time system (1) below: ( −0.1)( −0.9)( −0.4) [ ]=(5−6 ) [ ] (1)
Given the discrete input signal x[n] (2) below, assuming all initial conditions are 0, compute and plot the output y[n], using the recursive solution method you have covered in class. You will not receive points for using another method.
x[n] = (cos(πn ) cos(πn ))u[n]

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