Effect of emerging technology on Economy

Based on the Effect of Emerging Technology on the Economy of the Country assignment you completed in Topic 3, provide an executive summary (350-500 words) to recommend how the emerging technology could solve a problem in your country. Provide research and evidence that supports your summary. Use the following format:
Provide an overview of what you are recommending to an executive at an organization.
Identify the Problem
Describe the problem and its impact within the chosen country.
Propose a Solution
Describe an emerging technology (global or country-specific) that could be implemented to solve the problem.
Identify an organization that offers the emerging technology to solve the problem.
What Is Needed to Implement the Solution
Highlight potential obstacles based on economic, legal, and cultural factors within the country. For example, what the solution costs, return on investment, legal compliance, competition, market entry barriers, cultural customs and values, and available resources.
Identify a local business partner within the selected country that could help the organization advance the proposed emerging technology.

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