Emerging Adulthood in the Media Study

The purpose of this assignmentis to apply the concept of emerging adulthood to a specific example, and toanalyze the example in accordance with the five distinctive features ofemerging adulthood as identified by .
Review the module in the texton Emerging Adulthood. that emerging adultshave five distinctive features, which include exploring their identity,instability in their lives, a focus on the self, a feeling of being in-betweenadolescence and adulthood, and a sense of having an open future with manypossibilities.
Think of a character from amovie, show, or book that you recently watched or read that illustrates some ofthe distinctive features of emerging adulthood. Re-watch a scene from themovie or show (or re-read a section from the book) that depicts the characterexpressing these features.
Write a short paper with yourobservations and analysis of . Your papershould include the following parts:
An opening paragraph that introduces theconcept of emerging adulthood and distinguishes this concept from lateadolescence and early adulthood.
A paragraph that describes in theappropriate amount of detail a scene from the movie/show//book thatincludes the character in emerging adulthood. If a clip of the sceneis available on YouTube, include the URL.
A paragraph that analyzes and explainshow this depiction in the movie/show/book illustrates some of thedistinctive features of emerging adulthood. in the scene to of emerging adulthood.

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