ENGL1020 Literary of Personal Anthology

ENGL1020 Literary of Personal Anthology
ENGL1020: Literary Analysis of Personal Anthology
Objective – You will apply and demonstrate the skills you have acquired thus far to compose literary analysis of your favorite media to share with peers.
Goal – Compile a list of five works of literature in written, visual, and/or audio forms: a short story, a poem, a song, and a movie/TV show/play with author names. Include weblinks if possible. Explain the dominant theme of each work then select three literary elements and explain how each element demonstrates or supports the theme.
Directions – An anthology is a collection of work. There are anthologies of short stories, music, or poems by different artists. For this project, you will create 5-8 page, MLA-formatted, double spaced personal anthology and apply literary analysis using the writing skills, terms, and concepts you have learned.
Compile the titles and authors of five different literary works not covered in class which can be short stories, comic books, books, songs, nursery rhymes, poems, shows, movies, or plays. You can have any combination of these works: You can have three stories and two songs; you can have a story, a book, and two songs; you can have a story, a poem, a book, or two shows, etc.
For each literary work, you will give a critique. This is your personal opinion about the work and you can use personal pronouns “I,” “me,” “my,” etc.
For each literary work, state the literary theme for each. Remember, the theme in literature is not just one word, like “family.” Theme in literature is a complete idea, message, or lesson that the author is trying to convey, such as “family is important but family dynamics can be complex and strained.”
Explain how the author expresses the theme or message using three literary elements.
Follow MLA formatting rules. You will include a weblink or reference link to the media in each entry in the body of the paper. You will also include a complete Works Cited list at the end of your paper with all entries in MLA format.
Each entry should have the following:
Type of work – Title of work – Author – Weblink if possible
Give a brief summary of 2-3 sentences.
Your personal critique and theme: How did this affect you or make you feel? You are allowed to use the personal pronoun “I” this time. State the theme: What did you learn or take away from this? What was the author’s intent? State the theme of each work. It must be a complete sentence.
Describe three literary elements of each work and explain how each element shows or supports that theme. Include a quote or excerpt for at least one literary element.
Below is an example of 3 entries but you will need 5 entries.
Last name

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