English Essay 103 1

For this essay, I must edit one of my previous essays. I have 1500 words currently on my original draft, but need to finish with 2,250. I was also hoping it could be reviewed and tweaked if anything needs to be changed. All of the directions needed are listed below. I will attach my current draft.
In Essay 4, you will defend or refute the position you took on the diet you investigated during Unit 1. Your essay will have to be a rigorous analysis of the scientific support for and proofs against the diet you have chosen, and you must justify your position in light of both, especially through your counterargument. You will also have to analyze the validity of the studies you use to support your position and those that impeach your opposition. Consider flaws in reasoning, bias, exclusion of perspectives or data, poorly constructed experiments, etc. You must prove your thesis through well-reasoned, well-researched, well-organized argument.

2,250 words minimum
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