Environmental management strategy

Hi! Last semester in Sustainable Operations I , my team and I did an ( phase I ) for our ” hypothetical client ” ( a grocery store in Canada). For this II semester, we have to do this individual assignment about doing benchmarking for waste , water, and energy for these 2 organizationsProcess benchmark: WalmartStrategic benchmark: Unilever
in order to be able to apply them to and make recommendations in another assignment( the main point is to move CFM operations towards sustainability and thats why we have to do benchmarking of Walmart and Unilever ( please check on their sustainability report) to compare that with CFM actions and make recommendations in another assignment as I mentioned before.
I am providing the instructions for the assignment as well as the rubric and our paper from the last semester .
PD: she is not specifying the amount of citation we have to use, but please put the in text citation and references used for the paper. Thanks!

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