Essays For History Of Racism Assignment

Essays For History Of Racism Assignment
Please answer 7 of the following 10 questions in short answer paragraph format. Be sure to answer all the questions within each main question and provide support for all of your answers.
1. What is race? What is racism? Provide support and two examples from our class text, articles, videos and/or examples from your life.
2. Briefly explain the following terms: climate theory, curse theory, polygenesis and monogenesis and more importantly, briefly explain (1) how all these ideas reflect our history of racism (2) how threads of these ideas persist and (3) what lessons we can learn from this past?
3. Briefly explain the position/perspective of the (1) assimilationist, (2) segregationist, and (3) anti-racist. Then briefly explore the assimilationist perspective a little further and discuss why you think so many well-meaning people fall into this group but how it inevitably still perpetuates racism nonetheless.
4. We watched a BBC documentary on world-wide genocide that highlighted – Tasmania, India and Shark Island in particular. How might you briefly share with a friend what this documentary was about and how does this history reflect power as perpetuated through class, religion and racism?
5. What was the Eugenics movement? Briefly describe its history in America and then into Germany. Who were the founders/supporters/advocates and what did they believe and what were their aims? Finally, how did Eugenics impact people?
6. How does eugenics thinking still continue to manifest in our present society? Briefly explain the eugenics practices that were just recently being used in prisons and other ways eugenics thinking shows up in how we think about dating, marriage and procreation as society.
7. Describe how the episode of the Twilight Zone: “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder” relates to the different concepts from class including: power, oppression, racism, self-hatred and resistance and our text Stamped from the beginning. What lessons can we learn from this episode?
8. What is colorism? How does it relate to the history of racism that were reading about in our text and how does it relate to the eugenics movement? Finally, how does colorism reveal that racism remains a giant social problem in our country and around the world?
9. Briefly describe the struggle for voting rights as depicted in the film, Selma. What lessons can we learn from the civil rights movements? What lessons, for better or for worse, can we learn about our state and federal government?
*You can read some of the movie reviews watch clips from YouTube if you can’t watch this movie to understand the idea of it but don’t show that you didn’t watch the whole movie please.
10. Many people may think that voter disenfranchisement only existed in the past. Briefly explain a few examples in which voter suppression has continued into the 21st century. Also, what does this mean for our country, a nation that prides itself on democracy and freedom?

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