Examine the Basic Layout and Functions of SPSS

Examine the Basic Layout and Functions of SPSS
InstructionsYou will now have the opportunity to become familiar with the basic layout and functions of SPSS using descriptive statistics.
Open SPSS, and then open the data file grades.sav from this weeks resources.
Use the found in the lower center of the window to answer the following questions:
How many variables are in this dataset? SPSS uses the word scale for both interval and ratio data.How many of the variables in this dataset are scale, nominal, and ordinal variables?Use the found in the of the window to answer the following questions:
How many subjects are in this dataset?What are the last name, sex, and GPA of the 18th subject?Conduct a simple analysis and retrieve some output:
In the Menu Commands, click on Analyze to open a drop-down window.From the drop-down window, open the Descriptive Statistics window, then Descriptive.A dialog window will open Descriptive. Locate and move GPA into the Variables Box.Click on the Options tab on the right-hand side of the Variables Box. Another dialog window will open, Descriptive: Options.
In this dialog box, select: Mean, Standard Deviation, Range, and S.E. Mean. Click Continue to close this box.
Click OK in the Descriptive dialog box.An output window should open. Copy and paste the output table into your assignment submission.Then, answer these questions:
What is the number of GPAs?What is the range?What is the mean?What is the standard error?What is the standard deviation?
Please write a short paragraph (APA style) which includes a brief description of the dataset (variables included in the dataset), the number of subjects, and the mean and standard deviation of the dataset.
Length: 2 pages including output table, answers to five questions, and paragraph. Please include the question prompts along with your responses in your assignment submission. In addition to a WORD (.doc) file with the answers to the assignment questions, also include the output (.spv) file. (NOTE: the .spv file as you work in SPSS. When you close your SPSS main window, SPSS will ask you if you want to save the output file. Click yes, then save to your computer and upload with your assignment.)

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