Explain The Imago Relationship Therapy

ImagoRelationship Therapy
Imagorelationship therapy (IRT) is an approach that seeks to provide couples withthe mechanisms they require to relate to one another in healthier ways anduncover the emotional pathway acquired from childhood that drove them to theircurrent condition (Gehlert et al.,2017). This type of and spiritual strategieswith Western psychological techniques to help couples unravel their unconsciousaspects. In other words, through IRT, couples can consistently achieve apleasant ending, recover, and grow together by examining the problem itself.
Imago is often a Latinphrase that means ‘image.’ Thus, in IRT, imago defines the unconscious,idealized notion of familiar love that emerges during toddlerhood and staysunchanged in maturity. In other words, the imago relationship therapy bases anindividual’s development of the imago on their early relationship with theirparents or any other present adults during their early life. Depending on achild’s unique image of what love is, they will adopt certain behaviors or“survival patterns” (either through blocking or expressingpersonality characteristics) to acquire love and remain secure (Schmidt

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