Exploring Accounting Passion and GAAP Principles: A Journey of Interest and Governance

1-2 Discussion: Introduction and GAAP Principles
Discuss why you are interested in the accounting field and highlight any professional experience that you have.
Additionally, review GAAP briefly and then discuss why it is important to have a governing set of principles for accounting practices. Provide examples to support your ideas.
Also Here is the feedback for project three.
In this criterion, the discussion on how it impacts the internal stakeholders is just as critical as that of the external stakeholders. After all, this initiative’s success relies on your employees’ buy-in.
Tell your internal stakeholders what this means to them and their families. Would this allow them to get higher salaries, promotion, additional benefits, etc.
Criterion Feedback
Your overall presentation is appropriate but with some gaps in attending to the prompts thoroughly.
Criterion Feedback
Overall well done citing. Next time, remember that it is critical to cite your speaker’s note to provide credence to your assertions.

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