Exploring Critical Topics in Nursing Practice: Ethics, Competency, Certification, Burnout, and Continuing Education

1. Describe the scope of nursing practice articulated in ethical, legal, and professional regulatory bodies (e.g., Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice, ANA Codes of Ethics, Nurse Practice Acts, and Nursing Process). 
2. As a nurse, you are expected to perform your duties as any reasonably prudent professional within an expected level of education, competency, and experience.  What is your interpretation of a reasonable and prudent nurse?
3. Do you believe continuing education should be mandatory to renew one’s license? Why or why not? How would you ensure clinical and practice competence? 
4. An RN with five years of general medical–surgical acute care experience is interested in obtaining medical–surgical nursing certification. Research the requirements for such certification and outline eligibility requirements to be certified as a medical–surgical nurse (You may use American Nurses Credentialing Center (Med-Surge Board Certification) or the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board (Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse) 
5. Look up the term ‘burnout’ as applied to nursing. In particular, investigate what factors may cause nurse burnout and what might be the possible physical and psychological effects on nurses.
6. Your post should be at least one (1) paragraph. 300 words or less; follow APA 7th edition format.
7. First, post your initial response.
8. Afterward, read and respond to at least one (1) classmate’s post with meaningful information. Use at least one reference other than your book with your response.
9. Please review the discussion rubric.
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