Exploring the Right to Immigration: Debating Humanity’s Rights and National Boundaries

Your essay should be about 12 double-spaced pages. Employ 12-point Times New Roman font and regular margin settings.

This is not a research paper. The only readings you need to complete the essay come from the class readings.

Please refer to the syllabus section on academic integrity to ensure that you’re aware of your responsibilities and clear on how to avoid plagiarism/academic dishonesty.

You may use any citation method you like (e.g., Chicago or MLA) as long as you fully cite your sources (including page numbers), and keep the referencing consistent throughout

Writing Tips:

Ensure that you plan your essay before you begin writing. You may end up deviating from the plan, but it is good to go in with a sense of direction.

Determine what the essay question is asking you. What are the key terms and concepts being used? What is the tension you are exploring? What are the different sides of the debate? What material from the course should be used to answer the question?

What is your answer to the question? Your answer is the key to a successful essay. You have to take a stand and make an argument! Identify what your position is before you start writing. Once you begin writing, make sure that each of your paragraphs contributes to clarifying or defending your position.

Construct a good introductory paragraph. You can wait until you have finished the rest of the paper to write the introduction. It must include a clear thesis statement that explicitly sets out your position. The reader should be able to quickly and easily identify what your essay is trying to prove. Following your thesis statement, provide a brief description of how your essay will argue for the position you are taking.

After the introduction, you need a section where you define the key terms and concepts that you will be employing in your essay. Are there different ways of defining the terms or understanding the concepts that you reject? If so, specify how your understanding diverges from other prominent views.

Following the introduction and the section where you define your terms, describe what is at stake in the debate and briefly lay out the arguments you will be examining. This descriptive portion of your essay should make up no more than one third of the entire length of the paper.

The remaining two thirds of the paper should develop and defend your argument (or thesis). Make sure that each paragraph is crucial to advancing your point and that it links to the paragraphs before and after it. You should also signpost along the way to remind the reader of what your argument is.

You will need to support your arguments by drawing on the relevant thinkers and theories from the course. You should also use examples to illustrate your points. You can use examples from texts, from real life, and from your own mind (e.g. thought experiments).

Make sure that you also consider the other side(s) of the debate. Raising and then arguing against counter-examples is an excellent way to demonstrate a breadth of knowledge, and strengthen your own position.

Finish with a strong conclusion that reiterates your thesis and outlines how you have gone about arguing for it.

The question is Is immigration a human right?



These are the articles that need ro be used for this

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