Factors of a Globalized World

Explain significant factor(s) that contributed to a globalized world in the modern age. Your essay must identify the two most significant factors in globalization, with one focused on Europe or and the Americas, while the other must come from Asia or Africa.
he final essay must be 1500 words in length to be a completed assignment and receive a grade.  There are no rewrites on the final essay due time constraints imposed by final grades.  Words are calculated on MS-Word program, which every student has access. Quotes and footnotes do not count toward the word count.  Footnotes can either be formatted in either MLA or The Chicago Manual of Style.  Answers must contain at least one footnote from the assigned textbook and will be graded on thoroughness of the answer.  Do not answer in generalities or vague statements. Points are earned by providing the names, dates, details that support your ideas. Absolutely no outside internet sources can be used.  Only information obtained from the textbook will count toward the assignment grade.

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