Family And Community HealthDiscussion Questions

Family And Community HealthDiscussion Questions
Family And Community HealthDiscussion Questions
1. A nurse is providing care based on Maslow’s hierarchy
of basic human needs. For which of the following nursing activities is this approach useful?
a. Making accurate nursing diagnoses
b. Establishing priorities of care
c. Communicating concerns more concisely
d. Integrating science into nursing care
2. Which of the following levels of basic human needs is
most basic?
a. Physiologic
b. Safety and security
c. Love and belonging
d. Self-actualization
3. Of all the physiologic needs, which one is the most
a. Food
b. Water
c. Elimination
d. Oxygen
Family And Community HealthDiscussion Questions
4. Practicing careful hand hygiene and using sterile techniques are ways in which nurses meet which basic
human need?
a. Physiologic
b. Safety and security
c. Self-esteem
d. Love and belonging
5. Of the following statements, which one is true of selfactualization?
a. Humans are born with fully developed selfactualization.
b. Self-actualization needs are met by having
confidence and independence.
c. The self-actualization process continues throughout
d. Loneliness and isolation occur when self-actualization
needs are unmet.
6. What is the best broad definition of a family?
a. A father, a mother, and children
b. A group whose members are biologically related
c. A unit that includes aunts, uncles, and cousins
d. A group of people who live together
8. John and Mary, each parents of one child, are both
divorced. When they marry, the family structure
that is formed will be described as which of the
a. Nuclear family
b. Extended family
c. Blended family
d. Cohabiting family
9. Which of the following is one of the developmental
tasks of the older adult family?
a. Maintain a supportive home base
b. Prepare for retirement
c. Cope with loss of energy and privacy
d. Adjust to loss of spouse
Family And Community HealthDiscussion Questions
10. Which of the following is one element of a healthy
a. Meets all the needs of its inhabitants
b. Offers access to healthcare services
c. Has mixed residential and industrial areas
d. Is little concerned with air and water quality
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