Fetal Growth Restriction Assignment Help

Fetal Growth Restriction Assignment Help
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Fetal Growth Restriction Assignment Help
1. MajorriskfactoTSforoccurrence of a small
for gestational age foetus are:
A. Antiphospholipid syndrome.
B. Chronic hypertension.
C. Gestational diabetes meUitus.
D. Maternal age n1C>re than 34 years.
E. P revious small for gestationa l age
2. Which of the following tests are perfonned
to predict tl1e occurrence of a smaJI for
gestational age foetus?
A. Materna l an tiphospholipid antibody
B. Pregnancy associated plasn1a protein
A levels at I 6 weeks.
C. Pregnancy associated plasma protein
A levels in the first trin1ester.
D. Umbilical artery Doppler studies at
Fetal Growth Restriction Assignment Help
20 weeks.
E. {Jterin e artery Doppler studies at
20-24 weeks.
3. Surveillance of a small for geslationaJ
age foetus at a POA of 28 weeks requires:
A. Serial measuren1ent of the symphysis
fundal height.
B. Ductus venosus Doppler flow studies
if delivery is planned after 36 weeks.
C. Measurement of the umbilical artery
Doppler flow once in two weeks.
D. Perforo1ing a cardiotocograph daily.
E. Serial 01easuren1ent of fetal weight
and abdoolinal circumference once in
3 week~.
4. Diagnosis of a small for gestational age
foetus js confinned if the:
A. Abdominal circumference is less than
the 10th centile for the ge.5tational age.
B. Bi parietal dian1eter is less than the 10th
centile for the gestational age.
C. Estimated fetal weight is le.5s than the
10th centile for the gestational age.
·o. liquor content is reduced.
E. Syn1physis fundal heigh t is red uced.
5. ln a small for gestationaJ age foetus
umbllicaJ artery Doppler stndies are
A. Once in two weeks if the values are
B. Twice a week if the pulsatility index
is increased.
C. Daily after admi5sion to hospital if
there is absent end diastolic flow.
D. Only in the pre.5ence of syn1n1etrical
growth resb;ction.
1:. Only after 32 week5.
6. Management of a small for gestational age
foetus includes:
A. Administration of corticosteroids
betw~-en 28-34 week5.
B. Delivery at 40 weeks if the umbilical
artery Doppler studies are normal.
C. Delivery at 41 weeks if there is
symmetrical growth restriction.
D. Delivery between 30-32 weeks if the
ductus venosus Doppler is abnoro1al.
E. Delivery by 32 week5 if the umbilical
a rtery Doppler flow is absen t or
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