Fifteen minute fictions writing assignment

There are (mostly)NORULES:
1.Despitethe name, , writers arenotwritingforonlyfifteenminutes, and they arenotonlywritingfictionalworks(allwriting is to be assumed as fictional to protect each author in this course;you may notify us otherwise if you wish)
2.Writersmay write aboutANYTHING(content wise) whether fictional or not
3.Writersmay write inANYcraftform(poetry, short story, etc.; more on craft forms soon)
4.Writersmaytweakstorylinesfrom other professional works, but make it a good tweak,notplagiarism!
5.Writersmay gain inspiration from peers work, butacknowledgethe inspiration accordingly
1.THREEtotal Fifteen-minute Fictionseachweek, submitted on Blackboard onduedatesof WEEKTWO, WEEKFOUR, WEEKSIX, skip week 8 (no class), WEEKNINE, and WEEKELEVEN(see syllabus)
2.NO PLAGIARISM(thisis a writing course for original content; if you borrow, you must acknowledgethe idea and explain how you tweaked it
3.15 TOTAL Fifteen-minute Fictionsbysemesters end (3 a week x 5 total weekly submissions)
4.THIS ISNOTA MUST:Fifteen-minuteFictionsCANBE USEDforyour choice ofworkshoppiece, but theydontHAVE to be; you may submit another original piece of writing for workshop ifdesired
THREEseparatewritingpieces, called FIFTEEN-MINUTE FICTIONS submitted onBlackboardby midnight of due dates;

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