Five fiction pieces discussion poems

Five Fiction pieces It can be short stories or short poems
Martin, the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Whitney, looked back in sweat atwhere he used to call home. It was an assembly of cardboard and othersupporting materials which could be found scattered by the wayside. The doorwas a that had served an earlier purpose as a part of avehicle’s fuselage. Inside the dingy room, there was no furniture save for anarchaic seat which he had collected from a dumpsite. Despite his upbringing ina , this was the life that he had found himself living in.Like the biblical Prodigal son, his life had taken a bad turn when he had wonthe local lottery at Brickfield.
On this particular morning, Martin found himself reflecting on his life orthe earlier that he thought he had. As a shy young boy, he was a bright kid whohad won the affection and admiration of both his teachers and his parents. Hisonly sibling, Chloe, had been the outgoing type- a clear contrast to Martin.She did not like school or books. She was a bully and spent most of herevenings in detention. Despite not being a lover of school, she somehow foundherself in the University where her elder brother had gone. At this point, shehad rapidly transformed and became a dependable and focused young girl. On theother hand, Martin became the total and devastating opposite, to the chagrin ofhis parents. After University, he had found work as an investment banker.
Life as an investment banker was not fulfilling despite the enormous salarythat they gave him. Already addicted to coke and other drugs, he turned togambling and could take gambling vacations to Las Vegas. He became a well-knownname across those gambling circles and got the nickname “MartyMartini,” for he loved his Martini too. Yes, the Martin and otheralcoholic drinks. On one such vacation, he struck it big at the lots and won ahefty sum. Such staggering was the win that he wrote his resignation letter instantly.He embarked on a life of the party after party; one in Monte Carlo, the next inBologna, the other one in San Marino, the next in Macau, and henceforth. Allthe while, his penchant for drugs only increased. Drugs and women. Countlesswomen dotted his life, and like moths attracted to light, the bevy of women washooked to the bag and its contents. Despite many pleadings from his parents-andmore from Chloe, Martin did not stop this dangerous lifestyle. It went on andon.
One day, he linked up with some ‘merchants’ who were in Vegas ostensibly ona business trip. Without knowing it, he got entangled in their deals which were. Without knowing it, he was on the radar of localand federal police. He got arrested, and charges were preferred against him.The courts were swift in their judgment, and they delivered it almostinstantly. He took some valuable time in a penitentiary. Some years later, hewas out of jail without a single cent to his name, and he found himself in amiserable position not only financially but even in health. Chloe and hisparents had suffered a misfortune earlier on when they got an accident whilegoing to the attorney responsible for his case, as they had sought his parole.Their property had been auctioned by the mortgage institution. He had becomeutterly devastated when he learned about these events. He resorted to adepressed and solitary life living in a shack.
With all these events flashing right across his mind, he sat back and reachedfor the cyanide pills in his pocket. With streams of tears rushing across hisface, he gulped them, and in an instant, out of him.Slowly..followed by frantic kicks, he breathed hisa villain.

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