Focus of Ronald Reagan’s economic plan

Focus of Ronald Reagan’s economic plan
Focus of Ronald Reagan’s economic plan
1. What were the two major areas of focus of Ronald Reagan’s economic
(A) Expanding federal assistance programs and increasing government
(B) Adopting Keynesian economics and cutting military spending
(C) Funding urban development and lowering taxes on the wealthy
(D) Lowering taxes and reducing government regulations
(E) Increasing taxes and expanding the Great Society
2. Who was appointed the fi rst female Supreme Court justice?
(A) Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg
(B) Sandra Day O’Connor
(C) Frances Perkins
(D) Sonia Sotomayor
(E) Margaret Th atcher
Focus of Ronald Reagan’s economic plan
3. What was the overall impact of perestroika and glasnost on the Cold War?
(A) Th ey strengthened the communist system in Eastern Europe.
(B) Th ey brought an end to the strategic arms race between the United
States and Soviet Union.
(C) Th ey helped lead to the collapse of communist regimes in Eastern
(D) Th ey led to the SALT I and II agreements.
(E) Th ey resulted in the Iran-Contra Aff air.
4. Th e First Persian Gulf War began when Saddam Hussein
(A) launched an attack on Israel
(B) overthrew the democratic Iraqi government
(C) attempted to assassinate George H. W. Bush
(D) launched an invasion of Kuwait
(E) began developing weapons of mass destruction
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5. In attempting to reform the nation’s health care system, President Clinton
wanted to
(A) provide health insurance to all Americans
(B) provide health care coverage for the poor
(C) off er loans to students pursuing a career in medicine
(D) end Medicaid and Medicare
(E) provide health insurance to the elderly
Focus of Ronald Reagan’s economic plan
6. Th e Republican Party’s 1994 Contract with America pledged to
(A) fully fund the “Star Wars” program
(B) end the federal welfare system
(C) balance the federal budget
(D) pass universal health care
(E) tighten immigration laws
Order Reconstruction Finance Corporation
7. Th e 2000 presidential election was similar to the 1824 election in that
(A) the House of Representatives decided the election
(B) Republicans captured all three branches of government
(C) the candidate who received a majority of the popular vote lost the
(D) neither candidate won enough electoral votes to win the presidency
(E) the Supreme Court had to decide the fi nal outcome
8. Th e controversy in which members of President Reagan’s administration
illegally sold arms in violation of a congressional embargo has become
known as
(A) the Iran-Contra Aff air
(B) the S

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