Forensic science | Criminal homework help

 Essay answers should average 400 words.
–  Use APA Style to construct all assignments throughout this course
–  Cite all references using APA Style for all assignments in this course (even Discussion Questions)
You are instructing your team to process a scene for evidence. Describe the evidence to be collected and the specialists or crime laboratory units that would be needed to properly analyze the following crime scene and answer the given questions. On Monday, September 26, 2011, a small airplane believed to be transporting members of a Mexican drug cartel and a shipment of drugs and firearms of unknown type or size recorded a short “mayday” call at 8:05 A.M. before crashing into a farmhouse in Laredo, TX. Local police report that the abandoned farmhouse is frequented by homeless individuals, and there may have been several inside at the time of impact. Upon impact, the airplane’s nearly full gas tank caused a fire that incinerated those within the plane and those within the farmhouse.
The investigators need to deduce the following:
   a. How the airplane malfunctioned to cause the crash
   b. Who was on the airplane and in the farmhouse
   c. The contents of the airplane’s cargo
For each piece of evidence recovered in Question

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