Fundamentals method of mass spectrometry

Fundamentals method of mass spectrometry
11.1. Consider fundamentals of the method of mass spectrometry.
11.2. Which method of ionization of neutral molecules is the main one?
11.3. What particles are formed by electron impact?
11.4. What particles are recorded in the mass spectrum?
11.5. What is the basis for the separation of ions?
11.6. What are the mass spectra? What are the values on the abscissa axis, on the
ordinate axis?
11.7. What is the interpretation of the mass spectrum?
11.8. What are the applications of mass spectrometry?
11.9. Consider application of mass spectrometry in medicine.
11.10.What devices are currently used to identify drugs?
11.11.What is the limit of detection of matter by mass spectrometry?
12.1. What is the basis of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy?
12.2. Can the magnetic moments of the 12 C , 16 O , 32 S nuclei have?
12.3. Why kernels 1 H , 13 C, 15 N , 31 P have a magnetic moment?
12.4. What happens when a substance (containing one of the elements: 1 H , 13 C,
15 N) is situated into the magnetic field?
12.5. What phenomenon is called resonance?
12.6. Give a definition of the chemical shift.
12.7. What is the name of the spectroscopy of NMR of proton nuclei ( 1 H)?
12.8. What can be determined from the spectrum of proton magnetic resonance
12.9. What are the applications of NMR in medicine?
12.10.What is the basis for the operation of tomographs?
13.1. What is a classification of monosaccharides, polysaccharides?
13.2. What are D–L stereo series? Consider gliceraldehyde as the standart of the
Fundamentals method of mass spectrometry
13.3. Write down structural and Fisher formulae (projections) for some important
monosaccharides: glucose, mannose, galactose, fructose, ribose, 2–deoxiribose,
13.4. What are epimeres? Give some examples.
13.5. Write glucose, mannose, galactose, fructose by Haworth projections.
13.6. What is mutarotation? Consider the mutarotation of glucose solution.
13.7. What is a cyclo–oxo–tautomerism?
13.8. How many forms has monosaccharide in water solution? Write all the forms o

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