Government oversteps Biblical principles

How the Government,through the Federal Reserve, oversteps Biblical Principles
Over the past years, Americans havefaced and suffered multiple challenges influencing the government to implementquestionable strategies for alleviating suffering. Some of the solutionsoverstep biblical principles and cause current and continuous problems. Evaluatingthe Federal Reserve policy from a Christian view requires the consideration ofeconomic and ethical factors (Ritenour, 2009). The government has implementedinflationary policies that harm the economy through the Federal Reserve. TheFederal Reserve’s actions are economically inappropriate and unethical. Controversiesof inflation focus on the association between monetary inflation and propertyrights. This is because the government monopolizes money production and engagesin monetary inflation. Therefore, it violates voluntary exchange ethicalprinciples making it inherently fraudulent. These aspects imply that inflationcannot be accepted as an ethical, economic policy.
Considering the basement andvaluation of metallic currency would help further understand the ethical issueof inflation. Basement and valuation are initiatives that lead to using unjustscales. In this case, money is issued specifying that it is a specific weightof gold or silver, but it contains less (Ritenour, 2009). Christian principlesdetest using false weights and scales, similar to fraud and theft. The holyscriptures teach the need to use just balances as God considers false scales anabomination.
The bible contains case studies ondifferent governments that and attracted God’s wrath. One ofthe cases is when Isaiah was prophesying about Jerusalem’s unfaithfulness. Hespecifically talked about the monetary basement as one of the sins. He said, “Thy silver is become dross” (Isaiah 1:22a,King James Bible). Money holding and the Federal Reserve policies present asimilar type of fraud. This aspect is because the money banks create with thecentral bank’s full support is presented as billable when demanded. However,the banks cannot keep all their promises as they only hold a portion ofreserves required to cover all outstanding money warehouse receipts.
Federal Reserve policies increaseinflation, thus redistribution of wealth. Inflation increases wealth forindividuals receiving new money earlier and detracts it from those that receivemoney later or not at all (Ritenour, 2009). This approach for redistributingwealth defies the biblical principle of voluntary exchange and privateproperty. The state dominates money production and uses its monopoly to controlmonetary supply. Therefore, the inflation generated through the Federal Reserveends up forcibly taking money from some individuals and transferring it toothers. This aspect points to government-sponsored theft that violates theChristian principle, “Thou shall not steal” (Exodus 20:15, King JamesBible).
Monetary inflation is an unsoundapproach for economic and ethical reasons. This aspect is because increasing orregulating the money supply does not benefit society. Inflation increasescommodity prices and does not increase capital goods, labor, and land stocks.Increasing the money supply does not allow productivity growth to satisfyindividual needs (Van, 2019). Instead, itincreases the amount of money spent on the same volume of commodities. Thisaspect shows no public social benefits of inflation, reducing the currency’spurchasing power.
In conclusion, through the FederalReserve, the government has overstepped biblical principles. The scripturesspecify the government’s role in society, and America was founded on biblicalprinciples. Christian values explore the crucial topic of economics guiding howpeople use God-given resources, ideas, and energy to meet social needs andglorify God. Christian principles focus on installing internal liberty onpeople and establishing a foundation for a Christian economy. ObservingChristian principles would ensure that the government does not steal andestablishes solid ethical approaches for regulation inflation and money supply.

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