Heat and Thermodynamics Assignment Help

Heat and Thermodynamics Assignment Help
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Heat and Thermodynamics Assignment Help
1. The direction of heat flow between two
body depends on which of the
following? [SSC 2018]
(a) Their specific heat
(b) Their latent heat
(c) Their temperatures
(d) Their area of contact
2. How much calories are there in a
Joule? [SSC 2017]
(a) 0.24 (b) 0.48
(c) 0.72 (d) 0.96
3. Which one of the following statements
is not correct? [NDA 2015]
(a) The Kelvin scale of temperature is
called the absolutes scale.
(b) Visible light radiation has wavelength
range of 400-700 nm.
(c) The capacity to do work is called
(d) The wavelength of Gamma rays is
less than that of X-rays.
4. Which one of the following statement is
correct? [NDA 2018]
(a) Any energy transfer that does not
involve temperature difference in
some way is not heat.
(b) Any energy transfer always requires
a temperature difference.
(c) On heating, the length and volume of
the object remain exactly the same.
(d) Whenever there is a temperature
difference, heat is the only way of
energy transfer.
Heat and Thermodynamics Assignment Help
5. The absolute zero temperature is 0°K.
In °C unit, which one of the following is
the absolute zero temperature?
[NDA 2018, SSC 2016]
(a) 0°C (b) −100 °C
(c) −273.15 °C (d) −173.15 °C
6. Absolute zero is defined as
[SSC CGL 2016]
(a) the temperature at which all molecular
motion ceases.
(b) at which water boils at 298 K.
(c) at which liquid Helium boils.
(d) at which the volume becomes zero.
7. To change a temperature from the
Kelvin scale to the Celsius scale, you
have to [RRB 2018]
(a) add 273 to the given temperature.
(b) multiply the given temperature by 273.
(c) subtract 273 from the given
(d) divide the given temperature by 273.
8. A Kelvin thermometer and a Fahrenheit
thermometer both give the same
reading for a certain sample. What
would be the corresponding reading in
a Celsius thermometer?
(a) 574 (b) 301 [NDA 2017]
(c) 273 (d) 232
Heat and Thermodynamics Assignment Help
9. The temperature of a place on one
sunny day is 113 in Fahrenheit scale.
The Kelvin scale reading of this
temperature will be [NDA 2019]
(a) 318 K (b) 45 K
(c) 62.8 K (d) 335.8 K
10. The value of 50°C in Fahrenheit scale
is [BPSC (Pre) 2019]
(a) 104°F (b) 122°F
(c) 100°F (d) 75°F
11. The value of 40 degrees Celsius in
Fahrenheit scale is [BPSC (Pre) 2018]
(a) 104°F
(b) 100°F
(c) 102°F
(d) 75°F
(e) None of the above /More than one of
the above
12. If x the temperature of a system in
Kelvin and y is the temperature of the
system in °C, then the correct relation
between them is [CDS 2020]
(a) x y = − 273
(b) x y = 273
(c) x y = 173
(d) x y = − 173
13. The temperature which has the same
reading on both Fahrenheit and Celsius
scales is [SSC (10 2) 2009]
(a) 40° (b)−40° (c) − 34° (d) −140°
14. Which one of the following scales of
temperature does not have a negative
value? [UPRO/ARO (Pre) 2017]
(a) Celsius (b) Fahrenheit
(c) Kelvin (d) Reaumur
15. A thermometer is used to measure
(a) heat [SSC 2017]
(b) thermal inductance
(c) fire
(d) temperature
16. The working principle of a mercury
thermometer is [SSC 2017]
(a) change in density of matter on heating.
(b) expansion of matter on heating.
(c) thermal resistance of matter.
(d) change in mass of matter on heating.
17. Which of the following devices can be
used to detect radiant heat?
(a) Liquid thermometer [SSC CGL 2015]
(b) Six’s maximum and minimum
(c) Constant volume air thermometer
(d) Thermopile
18. The temperature of the sun is measured
(a) platinum thermometer
(b) gas thermometer
(c) pyrometer
(d) vapour pressure thermometer
19. The coefficient of areal expansion of a
material is 16 10 5
. ×
− K
. Which one of
the following gives the value of
coefficient of volume expansion of this
material? [NDA 2018]
(a) 0.8 10 K5 1 ×
− −
(b) 2.4 10 K5 1 ×
− −
(c) 3.2 10 K5 1 ×
− −
(d) 4.8 10 K5 1
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