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HELP AND FAQTERMS OF SERVICEAcademic Honesty and Academic IntegritySweetStudy has a strict Academic Honesty Policy. Answers to homework questions can only be used as a tutoring aid or a reference. Much like reviewing answers of past years exams which is a common practice for preparing for this years exam. Submitting an answer as your own is strictly forbidden and is likely to result in your institute’s academic honesty unit taking actions against you.CopyrightsSweetStudy complies with DMCA 512C. Posting or uploading copyrighted content is strictly forbidden. If in doubt, post only information that accurately IDs the assignment you need help with e.g. Principles of Microeconomics, University name, week number, exercise number.Abide the lawAvoid using this site if it is against any law, statute or limitation in your jurisdictionOff site paymentsWhen making an off site payment you are transacting with a teacher without the supervision and protection of SweetStudy. A fraudulent teacher may encourages you to make an off site payment to void this protection. Off site payments are very likely to end in fraud.Exchange of contact informationDo not exchange contact information. Exchanging contact information compromises your privacy. Use SweetStudy chat instead.Reference answersSweetStudy sells reference answers to homework questions. These answers may be used as a guide or a study aid to help you complete your homework. The reference answers are available for purchase by anyone and may not be submitted as your own work. You may either purchase an answer to a stock question or post your own homework question.The price of each answer is set by the tutor that posted the answer. The price appears on the purchase button of the relevant answer. Since reference answers are digital goods, return is not an option. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase you are encouraged to dispute the answer with the teacher on the question page. If a dispute is not resolved within a reasonable time, our team will step in an in most cases refund the payment. For any help and assistance please contact us hereFEESNormalA handling fee of $0.90 is added to each payment a student makes. Teachers get 75% of each payment sent to them. A paypal withdrawal incurs a fee of $1 regardless of the amount. For Payoneer, a full list of pricing and fees is presented during registration. Fees will be deducted from your Payoneer credit.Increased5% fee increase for teachers holding dispute(s) open for 3 days or more. 10% fee increase for teachers holding dispute(s) open for 6 days or moreFACEBOOK PRIVACY POLICYWe only use Facebook as an authentication provider and to get your email. Your email is kept private.DMCA POLICYUploading copyrighted material to SweetStudy is not allowed. Violations may result but are not limited to account suspension, withholding of funds and legal actions. SweetStudy does not claim copyright on questions and answers posted on the site.DMCA complaints sent to [email protected] will be handled within 24 hours.Designated agent informationLegal name: STEP TO HORIZON LTDAddress: 1400 Village Square Blvd #3-84376, Tallahassee FL 32312Name: Jennifer Villagonzaloemail: [email protected] (for DMCA only)phone: (813) 435 5664, please leave a voice message (for DMCA only)fax: (850) 270 7750“96% of our customers have reported a 90% and above score. You might want to place an order with us.”

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