Hgmt 4356 Discussion 6

Respond to the question assigned to you. Include the question at the beginning of your post. Then respond to the initial post of two other students. Ask probing questions. Always include citations and references in correct APA format. Ensure you reply to any follow-up questions by the professor.
1. What factors must exist for there to be an efficient market?
2. What does it mean when there is market failure? Give an example of market failure in the healthcare market?
3. What is the economic impact of government price controls? Provide an example of price controls in the healthcare area.
4. What economic rationale supports the government provision of health insurance to the poor?
5. What are the characteristics of a “public good”? Why is it difficult for a private company to provide a public good?
6. Do you think licensing of physicians increases quality of health care?
7. What is the impact of physician licensing on the quantity of physicians, does licensing increase or decrease the quantity?
8. What market failure does the regulation of nursing home quality issues address?
Assigned Question:
Martin, Beverly Question

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