Hippa breaches | Information Systems homework help

Research patient or health care organization privacy and security breach incidents. You can find numerous incidents on the  Latest Health Data Breaches News (https://healthitsecurity.com/topic/latest-health-data-breaches) webpage. Select one health data breach incident that occurred within the last 3 years.
In 300 to 400 words, address the following,
Summarize the selected health data security breach incident, and provide a link to your selected incident.
Take on the role as leader of the health care organization featured in the news report. Develop short- and long-term strategies in health information technology (HIT) that can prevent future incidents.
Include capital costs (e.g., purchase of new software, hiring HIT consultant, training, marketing, etc.) that are associated with implementing your strategies.
*Support your strategies with at least two credible sources published within the last 5 years. All referenced materials must include citations and references in APA Style 7th edition format.

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