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                                                              Homework 7- Enhancement
Directions: Answer the following questions with 1-2 complete sentences and in your own words (do not copy and paste from the text). Your responses should thoroughly and sufficiently answer the questions to receive full credit.
Double space your homework.  If you use any source that is not the assigned reading(s), you must add the citation within your homework and the link or book title at the end of the assignment to avoid the consequences of plagiarism.
1.      Explain Sandel’s views on nature (i.e. should it be controlled or not controlled and why?)
Explain the two reasons that the “autonomy argument” does not capture what is wrong about genetic engineering according to Sandel.
What does it mean to acknowledge the giftedness of life? Explain.
1.      Describe the principal of procreative beneficence.
Explain Savulescu’s argument that non-disease genes can affect our chances of leading the best life possible.
Discussion (350 words)  Read the case study and answer the question below:
  “Carl and I wouldn’t know how to raise a regular child,” Oiliva Padrone said, “We know what it’s like to be dwarfs, and we could help a child who was a dwarf.”
  “So you want me to help arrange for the genetic test, then counsel you on the results?” Dallas Stratford[genetic counselor] asked.
  “Exactly, we want a child just like us,” Olivia said.
  “We’re proud of being dwarfs, and we’re both active in getting people to recognize that our culture and way of life is as good as anyone else’s. Having a regular child would betray our ideals and be false to our view of life.”
  “I don’t know what to say, “Dallas Stratford said. “Usually, people want to avoid having a child with the mutation that produces dwarfism.”
If dwarfism, blindness, or deafness is seen as a culture (and many members in the groups believe it is), is it unethical to discourage couples from contributing more members to their culture? DISCUSS!

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