hospitality industry: saving our jobs

 Hospitality industry: Saving Our Jobs
The economy of a country fluctuates between good and bad times. When times are good, people go on vacations or travel for business more often, thereby causing a boom in the hospitality industry. When times are bad, people delay or forgo taking vacations, and corporations in cost-cutting mode allow only a fewer people to travel. This causes a slump in the hospitality industry.
By using the Internet, locate a recent article about the current state of unemployment in the hospitality industry. Write a brief synopsis on the article and identify the reasons leading to job losses. Your paper should also include a reference to and an overview of the main themes. The paper should be a two-to-three-page Word document. Present your strategy to minimize the loss of jobs in the industry. Use your learning and research to justify why you think your strategy will help save jobs. Present adequate information, including relevant sources to illustrate your point. Scan and attach the articles you have used to the Word document.
On a separate page, cite all sources using the APA guidelines.

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