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1.The fear of crime has escalated as well as rates within these past few years. Whether a person is classified as a target or not, the negative impact has been a major concern for people all over the world. The bigger problem is that these suspects are back on the streets once a bond is paid instead of applying help or seeking further actions to reduce the same crime being committed. The issue with criminals once they are placed in jail is that no treatment or help is placed upon them. Many people who are placed in jail have a medical history background and many behaviors are based off of psychological issues. Instead of approaching their issues, they are treated in a neglectful way, no medication is provided to further sustain them, and most are left to suffer from brutality. With no attention to seek, these inmates end up severely sick or they no longer are living.
The corrections field also adopted the medical model during the 1930s, when its emphasis shifted from punishment to treatment. The change was based on the assumption that criminal behavior was the result of physical or environmental aspects of an individual’s life, requiring treatment (Clear, Resig,

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