Humankind ability to develop create and explore

Statement of Purpose
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Statement of PurposeHumankinds ability to develop, create, and explore has catapulted him to the pinnacle of prosperity. Throughout my life, I have been motivated by a strong urge to create, a skill that goes beyond the mere collection of knowledge. Society has become increasingly reliant on technology in recent years. I have always tried to assist technologically challenged people in finding more computationally efficient solutions. The uncharted trail has always captivated me far more than established territory. In an era where almost everything is computer operated, from military aircraft to escalators, intuitive multimedia displays to smartwatches, it is impossible not to be intrigued by the technology involved. My determination to work in this sector was solidified after I attended a session led by Microsoft’s regional director, who spoke about Microsoft’s goal for the next ten years. Since then, I have focused on learning cutting-edge technology and understanding the underlying details.Artificial intelligence (AI) appeals to me because of its wide range of applications as a tool for problem-solving and how seamlessly it integrates with other computer science disciplines. The field of AI encompasses a variety of applications, ranging from computer gaming software to a pervasive computing system that intelligently responds to a wide range of users. One of the key reasons I feel obliged to embrace artificial intelligence more is its uniqueness in diversity.I graduated fromthe Federal University of Technology, Nigeria, in the year 2015 with Bachelors degree in mechanical engineering, second class, lower division. I aim to pursue a Ph.D. after completing my Master’s degree. I want to focus on the fields of mechatronics. The Ph.D. program will help me become an ideal researcher by understanding operating processes and relevant techniques. This knowledge will be extremely beneficial to my future study. My short-term objective is to obtain my Master’s degree from a reputable university to broaden my understanding of AI Research in the field of mechanical engineering, to work on my concepts, and acquire advanced topics through hands-on application. I want to participate in numerous events connected to my field of study, as I did throughout my Bachelor’s degree, which helped me comprehend and explore additional related topics. In addition, I want to strengthen my management and entrepreneurial abilities, which will allow me to link my future project ideas and engage in other cultural activities at the institution and numerous other social awareness initiatives. Since I do not currently have mechanical working experience, I also aim to gain the necessary experience from a reputable organization, enabling me to become a better engineer in my field.Further, I intend to build an Artificial Intelligence Academy as my long-term goal. This will be accompanied by offering my expertise to college students as a part-time instructor, accompanied by a professor, which would allow many developers to work and study diverse talents in their nation. I am motivated to pursue this objective because few organizations exist to learn Artificial Intelligence-related courses and are willing to offer such deals. Personnel is in scarce supply for this rigorous technology. I also believe that I can develop or enhance the learning curve in AI in my country. Unfortunately, this is challenging without sufficient understanding and competence in Artificial Intelligence. Despite the challenges, I would like to contribute to this area which will eventually aid the country’s economic progress.While I pushed myselfhard to improve my comprehension of artificial intelligence throughout my undergraduate studies, the academic requirements of a bachelor’s degree limited my study to a small sampling of AI applications. Throughout my time in the field, I have been disappointed with the degree of interactivity artificial intelligence shows in response to various complicated stimuli. In any case, I do not believe the subject has reached its full potential, and I believe that significant improvement may be done to enhance the interactive experience that consumers have with artificial intelligence applications. This real fascination, mixed with my interest in the subject matter and the field’s boundless potential, drives me to learn more about it.

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