I am looking for someone who is real expert for philosophy, there are

I am looking for someone who is real expert for philosophy, there are only 9 questions here, I am taking summer philosophy class. If you are good for philosophy, I would like with you during whole semester. 
1.    If you are on the Moon, what kind of rights do you not have?
A.    legal rights
B.     natural right
C.     moral rights
D.    ethical rights
2.    What do we call an action that you should not perform, or one that it would be immoral to perform?
A.    Permissible
B.     Impermissible
C.     Obligatory
D.    Inobligatory
3.    If a diabolical villain threatened to blow up a city unless you kill one innocent person, what would a Kantian say you have to do?
A.    Refuse to kill the innocent person
B.     Kill the villain
C.     Kill the innocent person
D.    Kill the innocent person if they would die in the city anyway
4.    If morality comes from a deity’s commands, then one of two things must be true. What are the two things [select two]
A.    The deity could have commanded anything and that thing would have been moral
B.     The deity commands things that are already moral
C.     The deity cannot command things that are not moral
D.    The deity can only command things that are not yet moral
5.    Which of these moral theorists would consider dogs to be persons?
A.    A Kantian
B.     A utilitarian
C.     A religious authoritarian
D.    A cultural relativist
6.    What, according to Friedman, is the most effective method of destroying a free market?
A.    Corporate Greed
B.     Social engineering
C.     Interfering foreign interests
D.    Regulations from the government
7.    The Separation Fallacy separates what two things?
A.    Business decisions and ethical decisions
B.     Moral decisions and ethical decisions
C.     Business decisions and legal decisions
D.    Moral decisions and legal decisions
8.    Corporate executives are not themselves stakeholders.
A.    True
B.     False
9.    The Triple Bottom Line theory focuses on three separate bottom lines, each concerned with:
A.    Sustainability
B.     Justice
C.     Responsibility
D.    Efforts

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