Identify two models of reflection in health practice

Assessment Criteria1.1: Identify 2 models of in health and social care practice.1.2: Explain the benefits of reflective practice in health and social care.Page 6 of 11Task 2 900 wordsDevelop the skills and knowledge required to plan for your personal and professional development.2.1: Discuss how are used in health and social care practice.2.2: Develop a : Establish your purpose or direction Identify development needs Identify learning opportunities Formulate an action plan Undertake the development Record the outcomes Evaluate and reviewAssessment Criteria2.1: Demonstrate an understanding of the use of personal development plans.2.2: Discuss how personal development plans are used in health and social care practice.2.3: Explain the role of clinical supervision in health and social care.3.1: Develop a personal development plan.3.2: Identify on the plan your aims, how to achieve, success criteria and how you will monitor if achieved.

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