Implementation of tailored physical exercise

literature review/Topic: Implementation of to prevent falls among elderly patients in a care homeresearch question: Would the implementation of tailored physical exercise prevent falls among elderly patients in a care home?Objective:– To assess the effectiveness of tailored physical exercise to of elderly patient to less than 20% within two (2) months in a care home– To determine whether tailored exercises programs prevent falls in elderly patients after two (2) months in nursing home.– To determine the effects of tailored exercise on falls prevention in elderly people in a care home and establish the characteristics of physical exercise that are associated with reduction of fallsIMPORTANTUsing: PICOuse PRISMA flow chartuse tables to show key wordsuse critical appraisal toolcritique the literaturesearch themes uses and strategiesdocument how you searched appropriate literaturedocument how the literature was critiquenjustify your choice of critical appraisal toolsdevelop your themesdocument search strategy-discuss how you identifies relevant papers– completed appraisal tools should be included in appendix section-demonstrate how themes was derived-In discussion sectionrestate the research question and a brief summary of your themesbe clear about the extent which your data answer the research question

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