Indigenous Alcohol and Drug misuse In Canada

opic: Examine the leadership skills and qualities that need to be demonstrated in practice to promote social justice in nursing.Goal: The goal of this paper is to explore an issue from a nursing leadership perspective that impacts current nursing practice, and to examine and critique how nurses can address the issue to .In your essay discuss a prevalent social justice issue in nursing that is important to you and explain how you may address this issue. As a nurse you are compelled to identify and act when there is social injustice in healthcare. Think about the decisions you may make to ensure safe and ethical care is provided that will help remove the disparities and improve your .Consider the nursing leadership skills and competencies you discussed in class and that are identified by the College of Nurses (CNO). Explain how the leadership skills are critical in helping nurses provide safe and ethical care for the patients experiencing social injustices.*Please proofread and carefully edit your paper before you submit your assignment. to be followed. See the rubric for a . Essays that are NOT submitted to SafeAssign will not be marked.**Review the rubric outlined in the course subject outline (posted on BB).Start Planning your essay:it is recommended you complete a written draft for your paper. This an excellent tool to help you create an outline for you to follow when writing your essay. The more work you put into your essay draft –the easier it will be to communicate and explain in writing your thoughts, points, and analyze your experience.

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