Industrial Engineering Management- DFMA analysis

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Industrial Engineering Management- DFMA analysis
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Identify a product or subassembly of a product (with at least 10 unique components and no more than 30 components) that is suitable for a DFMA analysis. Analyze it using the DFMA technique covered in the lecture. Document the process using the charts as provided in the module. Clearly state any assumption that you made during the analysis.
The analysis must include as a minimum:
i) An initial assessment of the product, with a BOM, handling and assembly times, and essentiality. Include a design efficiency calculation and value. Show how you determine the  and  values and also, show how you assess whether each part is essential or not.
ii) A redesign of the product. This must be clearly explained to the reader using e.g images to show the changes.
iii) An assessment of the new design, with a BOM, handling and assembly times, and essentiality. Include a design efficiency calculation and value. Provide a design improvement value and calculation.
iv) Consideration of the manufacturing processes required and changes in those between the initial and revised design, and consideration of that on the cost of manufacturing the product.
2b) Visual Summary Report
With reference to the DfMA analysis performed in 2a, create a one page (maximum) visual summary report to be presented to the company responsible for the design and manufacture that details how you can improve their product. It should include details of design changes and the benefits that they would yield. This should not contain a lot of text but should be visual and contain the critical information only.
Marks will be awarded for the quality of the analysis as well as the quality of the report’s presentation and its ability to sell your services.

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