Influence of Religious Traditions on Contemporary Social Issues: Exploring Ethics, Sexuality, and Politics

For this Performance Task Assessment, you will analyze the influence  of a religious tradition on a contemporary social issue through the lens  of one of the themes from this Competency’s resources (i.e., ethics,  sexuality, and politics).  
To prepare for this Assessment:
Reread Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 in the Kurtz (2016) text.
Think about one religious tradition that you have encountered either  within the context of your General Education studies or personal  experience of interest to you.
Review the key themes from this Competency’s readings: ethics,  sexuality, and politics. Consider how one of these themes are understood  today within your selected tradition.
Identify a contemporary social issue that your chosen religious  tradition speaks to through one of the key themes from this module’s  reading. 
Some social issues you might choose include: wealth distribution,  racial or gender discrimination, immigration, the human relationship to  the environment, access to health care or education, etc. You are  welcome to choose a social issue outside of this list. If you are not  sure if your social issue is acceptable, consult your Instructor.
Examine more about your selected social issue and religious  tradition and identify 2–3 resources from the Walden Library or from a  reputable website to support your analysis. 
Note: Reputable websites are those  that are maintained by established organizations (e.g., American  Sociological Association). Articles from websites should include an  author and not be based on opinion. Wikipedia is not an acceptable resource.
Then, compose a 3- to 4-pages that explains the following:
The contemporary social issue and its relationship to one of the  themes from this Competency (i.e., ethics, sexuality, or politics).
Why your selected social issue might be of importance to adherents of your selected religious tradition.
The ways in which the selected tradition has influenced the social  issue. Be sure to include specific reference to one of the key themes  and how it is understood by the chosen tradition to contribute to its  influence.
How the tradition’s influence has affected people both within and outside its sacred canopy.
How specific elements of your chosen tradition can bring about a positive resolution to your chosen social issue.
Religion and Contemporary Social Issues
In the modern, digital world, the way individuals understand and talk  about religious issues has changed. Though religion is still defined by  belief systems and social expectations, the role these beliefs play in  the contemporary world looks different than it did in decades past.  Communication between individuals from vastly different cultures now  happens instantaneously. We can share ideas and solve issues related to  science, politics, and religion with an immediacy that can present  interesting challenges to our individual worldview. For this Performance  Task Assessment, you will consider what you have explored in this  Competency related to religious traditions, modernism, and  multiculturalism to analyze the influence of a religious tradition on a  contemporary social issue.

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