Intelligent Systems Implementation Process

Intelligent Systems Implementation Process
Topic: The Intelligent Systems Implementation Process. – The Major Steps of Implementation.
Implementing business analytics/AI systems can be a complex undertaking. In addition to specific issues found in intelligent systems, there are issues that are common to many other computer-based information systems.
Question: List the major steps in the implementation process and describe them briefly using the diagram. Why is implementation an important subject?
Step 1 Need assessment. Need assessment needs to provide the business case for the intelligent systems, including their major parts. (This is a generic IT step and will not be discussed here.)
Step 2 Preparations. In this step, it is necessary to examine the organization readi- ness for analytics and AI. It is necessary to check available resources, employees’ attitudes for the change, projects’ priorities, and so on. This generic IT activity will not be discussed here. However, it is useful to think about legal, privacy, and ethi- cal issues as they are related to intelligent technologies as described in Section 14.3.
Step 3 System acquisition. Organizations need to decide on in-house or outsourc- ing approach (make or buy) or on a combination of the two and possibly with part- nership with a vendor or another company. A consultant may help at this step. It is a generic IT step that will not discussed here.
Step 4 System development. Regardless of who will develop the system, certain ac- tivities need to be done. These include security, integration with other systems, proj- ect management preparation, and other activities. Again, many of those are generic and will not be described here. Only selected ones are described in Section 14.4.
Step 5 Impact assessment. It is necessary to check the performance of the systems against plans. Again, this is a generic issue that will not be covered here.

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