Intercultural Theory/Concepts and Lived Experience

Select and discuss two of the following Intercultural Theories/Concepts:
1. Hofestede’s Cultural Dimensions,
2. Enclaves/Cultural Spaces,
3. Cultural Adaption Theory,
4. Barriers to Intercultural Communication.
In your discussion: a. Offer your rationale for selecting the two theories/concepts you choose, b. offer a concise review of the theory/concept (demonstrate your understanding), c. offer experiential examples of how the selected theories/concepts have operated in your life.
Instructions (cont.):
1. Formatting: Paper should be written in APA format (Title Page, Body of Paper, References Page)
2. Cite throughout paper where appropriate
3. Length: Paper should be a minimum of 3-5 pages
4. Students need a minimum of two (2) outside articles/sources related to the theory/concepts they choose.
Cultural Adaptation Theory
Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions
Enclaves … Cultural Spaces

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