Intervention And Evaluation Plan Assignment

Intervention And Evaluation Plan Assignment
The client reported an atypical mental/cognitive, social, and psychological development during her childhood. This happened due to all the sexual and emotional abuse that occurred from a very young age by her parents. Shows signs of displacement when she takes her anger on other people and she explained that is why sometimes she responds with an aggressive tone. Due to all these events that occurred in her life, she has trouble communicating and expressing herself with other people. She believes that if she doesn’t work in this area (anger management) it will be difficult for her to get her first job, which is very important since she needs to get a job to be able to find a stable place and support her children.
Goal Statement
Client will be able to manage anger by effectively expressing her needs and feelings through communication in social settings within three months.
1. The client will be instructed by the social worker to go to her first therapy session within 7 days and will report back to the social worker to start working on her anger management and communication problems by Monday 11/07/23.
a. the social worker will provide a list to the client of local therapists in her area.
b. the social worker will assist the client with a transportation pass to and from the therapy appointment.
c. Next appointment the client will bring a list of current communication problems that she would like to overcome in order to get better.
2. Client will be able to identify her communication triggers so she can learn skills to communicate when angry in weekly meetings by 01/02/23 .
a. The client will gather a list of her social anxieties that upset her.
b. The social worker will gather helpful management strategies for the client to apply when in stressful situations.
c. The client will work alongside the social worker to visit social settings at least twice a week to identify when she may be feeling triggered.
3. Client will share 3 positive actions in which she feels emotionally accomplished during each week by Monday 01/02/22.
a. Client will record in a journal her feelings and accomplishments she faced during the week.
b. The client will work alongside the social worker to review her positive experiences and role-play them for communication improvements daily.
c. The client and social worker will assess her needs and feelings during each positive experience discussed so the client can acknowledge them in weekly meetings.
Progress toward these objectives will be reviewed and evaluated using the following procedures or methods
· We will be using a weekly log to track the client’s progress and improvements.
· We will be using (PANAS) which is the positive and negative affect schedule that is used to measure mood and emotions.
· Reinforcement of coping strategies to prevent triggers.
· Will encourage journal writing to identify and monitor emotions and triggers.

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