Introduction of your desired career field

The purpose of this assignment is to conduct research on potential job opportunities in your and determine the importance of tailoring a resume and cover letter for that specific job position.
On average a resume and cover letter have less than 10 seconds to make an impression and provide an opportunity for the applicant to move on to the interviewing process. Therefore, securing employment often hinges on creating an effective resume and cover letter that align with the required job skills and experience.
Conduct research on a minimum of two potential job positions within your desired career field. Reflect in 250-500 words on the the specific organizations as well as the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to obtain these positions.
1. Provide a brief introduction of your desired career field.2. Provide an overview of each organization and the specific position you are applying to. You are required to include the name of the company and the company’s website, , and approximate number of employees.3. Describe two or three facts about the company that are interesting to you and explain why you want to work for this company in the future.4. Describe the knowledge, skills, and experience required by the job positions selected. What knowledge, skills, experiences, or other opportunities do you need to obtain in order to be eligible for these job positions?5. Explain the significance of drawing connections between the requirements listed in the job descriptions and your resume and cover letter, relevant to your career field. Determine how you would make those connections within your resume and cover letter to ultimately gain the hiring manager’s attention.
The position that I want is on a medical unit or the cardiac unit. Choose any hospital in Florida.

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