Invasive Raccoons in Japan Review Paper

Biogeography (the study of what lives where, at what abundance, and why)
Prepare a well-composed, well-researched paper that is not more than two, double-spaced, typed pages with 1 margins and 11-12-point font. (Must be less than 2 pages)
Think of this as the extended abstract or executive summary of a longer paper. What is the nature of the issue and why should we care? What do we know, what can we quantify, and what is the path forward to solution? The format of your should be:
1. the issue,
2. Overview of the literature reviewed (do not review each item read; rather, provide a synthesis of the whole), and
3. Concluding remarks that may include your opinion.
The third page should be your references. You may also include figures and tables on separate pages if appropriate. Do not include figures or tables within the main body of your paper. Neither references nor figures count toward the .
Biogeography is the study of what lives where, at what abundance, and why. Dont forget the why!
Be sure your 10 references (at least 5 peer-reviewed) represent the work of at least five different authors
All the references you list should be cited in the paper, and all of your internal citations should have a corresponding reference. Do not include references that you do not cite in your paper.
Your reference citations must be complete. Follow the format used in one of the journal articles you read, use the example provided below, or use APA format. The most important thing is to be consistent.
Do not quote your sources directly; read your sources and synthesize what you read into your own argument, citing others’ work when you use their ideas.
Your final paper may not be longer than two pages (reference list and tables/figures not included in two-page count)
Your review must be clear and concise. Your grade will reflect both the mechanical and stylistic elements of your review as well as its content. Please have a friend or friends read your review before you turn it in. This will help you to spelling, grammar, style, and content. As a general rule, you should expect to revise your review at least three times before turning it in.

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