It S Has To Be In Script Format 12 Pages Minimum It S About A Kids Life

Eric was born in Salem Massachusetts. He has been very athletic his entire life, when he was growing up he played hockey and baseball and excelled in both of them. Being a very social kid growing up and making friends wasn’t hard at first for him but as events in his life began to get shaken up it changed his personality; which made him a more closed person. The crowd that he started hanging around in middle school after moving from Catholic school to public school was not the ideal group of people for him. This new group of friends were a bad influence and introduced him at a very young age to smoking weed. In high school Eric had to make a difficult choice that changed his aspect of life, which was the decision to not play college hockey and instead attend the University of Tampa to major in finance.

that is the sum up of the main character. it has to include other characters in the script, back and forth clear dialogue. make the script more about the main character at the end of the paragraph above like later on in his life but the beginning can be a recap. has to be creative and the correct amount of pages.

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