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You are the lead trainer for the software development team at a large telecommunications company. You have been tasked with preparing a training document that explains the principles of polymorphism, inheritance, and encapsulation. Research these principles and provide examples for each principle, showing how they would be used in software development. Be sure to answer the question of how each principle would be employed in the software development process.
Java programmers use class hierarchies for the purposes of inheritance. For example, given a Tree class, you could define Conifer and Deciduous subclasses that inherit from the parent Tree class, as follows:
In your training document explanations regarding inheritance, depict inheritance by using a computer memory hierarchy in a class hierarchy diagram.
Prepare a 6-8-page document that provides detailed explanations for polymorphism, inheritance, and encapsulation. Research computer memory hierarchy and the topic to use in your inheritance explanations at this link, making sure to cite it in APA style if you use specific information from the article. Develop a class hierarchy diagram for the memory hierarchy found at the URL. Include in your class hierarchy diagram at least three subclass levels. Each class and subclass must include at least one variable and one method.

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