Juvenile delinquency | Psychology homework help

Describe the role the educational experience plays in human development over the life course. In addition, discuss the association between school failure and delinquency

Minimum 3 to 4 full pages.
Submit assignment as a Microsoft Word Document
Keep it organized.
All submissions must be written in students’ own words.
Every response must be properly cited following APA.

Grade Distribution:

Content (thorough, accurate, original, less than 30% matching as per SafeAssign): 50%
Grammar (minimal errors, proper grammar, complete sentences/paragraphs): 25%
Citations (scholarly source, properly formatted citation to APA): 25%

The APA rules that must be followed are:

Title page
Running Head Header on the first page
Headers on all other subsequent pages
In-text cites for all material referenced
Reference list / page
Fonts must be Times New Roman 12

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