Knowledge gained through direct experience

This is a of on the the title ” Knowledge gained through direct experience is powerful but problematic. To what extent do you agree with this statement?”
Areas of knowledge to be included in the essay – Human sciences and the 2nd is up to the writer (except )
Ways of knowing ( choice of the writer) should be included in the essay.real life situation/ example ( that should be utilised in the essay )- eye witness accounts in crime trials.
the essay has to follow a specific structure ( I have attached a document with the structure of a TOK Essay) in addition to that document I have attached a document on the Areas of Knowledge (AOK’s) and the Ways of Knowing ( WOK’s) the second AOK is up to the writer to decide (except natural sciences)additional support –Thoughts to consider with :the difference between sensing and perceiving somethingthe role of concepts in forming our experiencesthe difference between knowledge and belief

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