Legislation relating to a business regulation

Economics AnalysisAssignment Instructions
OverviewFor this assignment, you will write a 23-page paper (double-spaced, 1-inch margins) providing at least 1 example of how government has in some form of economic policy. Be sure to adhere to the format specified in the Course Style Guidelines document.
Options include the following topics:A specific piece of legislation relating to business regulation or taxation.The party platform of either the Republican Party or the Democratic Party (or both).The role of the Federal Reserve.The budgetprocess.
In discussing one of these topics, from the Learn material in the assigned Module: Week.
InstructionsFollow the below instructions to compose your assignment:Length of assignment 2-3 pages.Make sure to include a bibliographypageFormat of assignment Course Style GuidelinesAt least 2 sourcesAcceptable sources– Scholarly articles published within the last five years, the Bible, as assignments, and any other pertinent source that helps the student answer the assignment prompt.
Note: You may submit your assignment to the Economics Analysis: to check your paper for plagiarism. Your assignment will be checked for originality viathe Turnitin plagiarism tool. After reviewing your Turnitin results, make any edits necessary and submit your Economics Analysis: .

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