Literary Analysis And Abstract Assignment

Literary Analysis And Abstract Assignment
Assignment: topics in literary analysis and associated abstract
Length of paper: 2.5-3 pages double-spaced, font Times 12
Length of abstract: 1 paragraph for class literary journal “Impact”
Due Date: Sunday, December 9
1. Discuss “Falling Girl” as a satirical allegory (look up these words in a dictionary of literary terms to be sure you understand them) about modern society.
2. Choose one of the short stories we have read since the midterm and write a continuation of the story (or an alternate ending) using the author’s tone and style. Include a one-page analysis of the author’s techniques that you incorporated.
3. Analyze the surrealist imagery in Breton’s poem “Free Union” as an example of the techniques of surrealism and an evocation of the speaker’s relationship with the woman described.
4. Discuss the existential themes of alienation and commitment in “The Guest” (Camus). Include a discussion of Camus’ version of existentialism.
5. Do a detailed analysis of the images in Bei Dao’s poem “Notes From the City of the Sun” relating to its evocation of the Cultural Revolution in China.
6. Do a detailed analysis of the main character, Claire, in “The Visit.”
7. Using reliable internet sources (interviews on authors’ websites) as well as detailed literary analysis of the works we have read, discuss how several authors that we have encountered this semester see their role in society. Choose 2 authors that we have read since the midterm and 1 from before.
See attached rubric:
Rubric (for all except

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